Carly Rush
Weekdays from 5a - 10a

I was born in OKC, but raised in Texas, Georgia and Oklahoma. I came to Tulsa to go to TU, where I first started working on the radio at KWGS. From there it was Lite 106.1 (remember that station?), KAY-107, which turned into 106.9 KHITS, and 92.9 KBEZ, which turned into 92.9 BOB FM! I've done just about every job in radio, but love being on the air the best. Country is new to me, but I'm loving it! Funny that my hubby worked at KVOO in sales many years ago, and now he's somewhere else, and I'm here. I have 3 step-men and a dog named Daphne. I love to read, go to church and travel (which I rarely get to do, doggone it!). Things I dislike most in the world: animal cruelty, people not taking personal responsibility and the smell of propane at a buffet.