Nina Valente
Weeknights from 7p - midnight

1. Nicknames? Nina is actually my nickname.  Valente is my maiden name...I lived in Italy when I was little.

2. Favorite drink? Sangria or whiskey and coke, depending on my mood.

3. Tattoos or body piercing? 4 tattoos.  My favorite is the pinup angel that covers my whole back...she's just like me (sweet and spicey)

4. How much do you love your job? No better way to make a living!

5. Favorite vacation spot? Costa married there and monkeys attacked my husband.

6. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? Gingersnap cookies!!

7. Ever been on tv? Tulsa Celebrity Dance.  I had to do the waltz and I LOST. Now, if I had done the rumba...

8. Ever steal a traffic sign? No, but I was "with" people who stole a tree (yes, it's possible) 

9. Favorite dessert? Calamari (that's right) or sopapilla with lots of honey!

10. Favorite day of the week? Sunday, cause no one can bother me or expect anything on that day.

11. Ideal weather condition? Sunny and just hot enough to want to jump in the water.

12. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Sailing in the Gulf.  (I have a 22 foot Catalina, but it would have to be bigger!!)

13. What is your favorite meal? Italian/Seafood

14. Aside from Mexico and Canada, have you ever been to another country? Yes, to both of those and Costa Rica.  Continents...Europe

15. Reality or regular tv? That's a tough one cause I love Duck Dynasty, but I have to say Regular (Sopranos, Big Bang Theory, Sunny in Philadelphia, Everybody Loves Raymond)

16. What is the biggest gossip you have on one of the other hosts? Sunny had poison ivy on her butt.  And I know how she got it...

17. Favorite place to shop in Tulsa? I HATE shopping!

18. If I weren't in radio, I would be... A cartoon (always wanted to voice for Disney) or a pirate!

19. The last book I read was...Happy, Happy, Happy, Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty. 

20. Favorite Concert? Def Leppard in OKC, 2005. Met them!!!

21. Excited about this year’s election: Really??!!

22. Favorite Smell: Lillies and campfire.

23. Favorite Kids Movie: Rango

24. Are you smarter than a 5th Grader? I'm BLONDE!!!

25. Favorite activity:  Sailing, riding horses, my Harley, rock climbing, kayaking, camping

26. Play an instrument:  fiddle and sing


Put an X in the parentheses if it applies to you!

(x) Gone on a blind date- he started testing me, so I pretended I didn't know who the Beatles were. 

(x) Been to Canada- I lived in Seattle...hop, skip, and a jump.

(x) Been to Mexico- yes, 5 times!

(x) Been lost- and always end up in weird situations with strangers!

(x) Swam in the ocean- and a sea turtle tried to drown me!

(X) Sang Karaoke- favorite is Gun Powder and Lead, Miranda Lambert

( ) Paid for a meal with only coins-

(x) Made prank phone calls-

(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't- yes, but no regrets.

(X) Been Sky Diving - twice! 

(X) Laughed so hard you peed your pants- my dress!

(X) Been Fired – but not for lack of trying.

(x) Gone for a ride in a big city Taxi Cab- I thought I was going to die!

(X) Gone Skinny Dipping in a public place- the Blue Whale on Rt 66...LOL (nasty)

(X) Been transported in an ambulance- I've had 9 car wrecks in the past 10 years, and this year ain't over!

( ) Completed your New Years Resolutions- They're made to be broken ;)